Our Manufacturing Process

We are manufacturers so we control all production process, assembling and test. From raw material selection to final checking and customer’s shippment

Manufacturing Process

We take care of all phases of producing process.

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Raw Materials

We select and use the best raw materials of all kind: stainless steel, brass, zamak, technical plastics, rubber, silicone and many others.

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Rough Pieces

Using our own tools (moulds, stamping dies, injection moulds, special tooling…) we obtain finished rough pieces using different techniques like stamping , metal forming, microfusion, injection, casting.

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We control piece machining on precision-machine (CNC lathes, machining centres, transfer machines…) as well as specially designed machinery and tools.

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Quality Control

All manufactured ítem passes a quality control over each phase of its production. We use certified calipers in order to check all measures.

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Mounting and Assembling

All products are mounted and assembled in our facilities.

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Tests and Traceability

All ítems are traceable and individualy tested before sending to customers